Welcome to the EnVersum Future Prize 2016 on the issue of “Blockchain”

Business models with Blockchain technology – what approaches are there for the energy sector?

Disruption is the new buzzword in the business world. New technologies (3-D printing, the Internet of Things), digitalisation (Industrie 4.0), politically initiated changes (turnaround in energy policy) and the combination of principally familiar computer technologies (Blockchain) lead to entirely new business models which often threaten – if not destroy – existing ones.

EnVersum aims to play a key role in this change. Because we believe in networked intelligence, we want to incorporate external players in this process. Giving rise to the idea to award the Future Prize 2016. Help us by providing ideas and impulses! We would like to use the prize as a way of acknowledging your creativity and commitment.

The topics and issues your submission should concern:

  • Presentation and explanation of a new business idea
  • How can the new business idea replace old business models in the energy sector? 
  • How should it be implemented technically?
  • Reliable analyses of potential – what turnover and profit can be anticipated?
  • Reliable estimates of investment costs
  • How would the business plan be implemented? Timeline and approach

Prize and award ceremony

  • Prize money amounts to EUR 3,000.
  • EnVersum GmbH will also give the winner 3 BTC (Bitcoins) for procuring electricity or gas from EnVersum GmbH Germany.
  • The prize will be awarded at the company jubilee on 7.7.2016 and is subject to the winner participating in the prize ceremony.

The participation deadline for the EnVersum Future Prize 2016 is 22/06/2016. The closing date or the time of online participation under www.enversum.com is decisive.

Downloads for application

These documents must be acknowledged and the completed application form sent to EnVersum.